10.Sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 1.yazılı indir 2023-2024

10.sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 1.yazılı örnek sorular
10.sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 1.yazılı indir

10.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 1.Yazılı indir 2023-2024 

10.Sınıf ingilizce 2.dönem 1.yazılı indirme sayfasına hoş geldiniz. Bu sayfadan 10.sınıf 2.dönem 1.ingilizce yazılısı, cevap anahtarı, ek sorular ve ilgili sınav analizlerini indirebilirsiniz.

Writing-Reading Oturumu (1.Oturum-ORTAK SINAV )

Bu sınav için ilave olarak 5.ve 6.ünitelerden 3 adet ekstra soru hazırladım. Sorular hemen sayfanın sonundadır. Bir ihtiyaç halinde bu 3 adet ek soruyu sınavlarınızda farklı bir senaryo oluşturmak için kullanabilirsiniz.

10. sınıf İngilizce 2.dönem 1.yazılı sınavında kullandığımız kazanımlar:

Bu sınav “TRAVEL”, “HELPFUL TIPS” ve “FOOD AND FESTIVALS” ünitelerinden aşağıdaki reading ve writing kazanımları kullanılarak hazırlanmıştır.

  • E10.5.R1. Students will be able to make use of written instructions in order to draw a route.
  • E10.6.R1. Students will be able to identify the advice, rules, and regulations in a text.
  • E10.6.W2. Students will be able to write an advice letter about youth problems.
  • E10.7.R1. Students will be able to evaluate a text to classify various cuisines around the world.
  • E10.7.R2. Students will be able to diagrammatize a text about different festivals all around the world.

    10.Sınıf İngilizce 2.Dönem 1.Yazılı

    İngilizce 10.sınıf 2.dönem 1.yazılı sınavı cevap anahtarı indirme bağlantıları:
Sınav Analizleri (Otomatik Hesaplama)

İstediğiniz sınav analizini aşağıdaki bağlantılardan indirebilirsiniz.

Listening -Speaking Oturumu 

10.Sınıf ingilizce 2.Dönem 1.Yazılı için Ek Sınav Soruları

Bu sınav için 10.sınıf 5.ünite “TRAVEL” temasından 2 adet 6.ünite “HELPFUL TIPS” temasından da 1 adet olmak üzere aşağıdaki kazanımlar için toplam 3 ek soru hazırladım. Bir ihtiyaç halinde sınavınızı aşağıdaki ek sorularla değiştirebilirsiniz, Mahir B.

  • E10.5.R2.  Students will be able to classify different vacation types in a reading passage.
  • E10.5.W1. Students will be able to write an e-mail to a friend about their holiday experiences.
  • E10.6.W1. Students will be able to write a paragraph about possible consequences when they don’t obey the rules

Additional Question 1. Answer the questions according to the paragraph given below. (4×5=20p)

Vacations come in many types, each offering different fun experiences. On a cruise vacation, you travel on a big ship, enjoy the sea, and stop at different places. All-inclusive hotels are great because you pay once and everything, like food and activities, is included. Trekking and hiking vacations are for nature lovers; you walk in mountains or forests. Sports tours are for sports fans; you can go to see a big soccer game or a tennis match. Facility-based vacations mean staying in one place with lots of things to do, like a resort with pools and spas. Activity-based vacations are focused on doing things, like cooking classes or art workshops. Lastly, outdoor vacations are all about being outside, like camping or beach trips. Each type of vacation offers its own special kind of fun and adventure!

  1. What kind of experiences can you expect on a cruise vacation?
  2. What is included in an all-inclusive hotel package?
  3. Who would enjoy trekking and hiking vacations and why?
  4. What are sports tours, and what can you do on this type of vacation?
  5. Can you describe the difference between facility-based vacations and activity-based vacations?

Answer Key for the additional question 1:

  1. You can expect to be on a big ship, see different places, and enjoy the sea.
  2. Everything like food and fun activities is included in one price.
  3. People who like nature and walking outside, like in mountains or forests, would enjoy these vacations.
  4. Sports tours are for people who like sports. You might watch big games like soccer or tennis.
  5. Facility-based vacations have lots of things to do in one place, like swimming or spa. Activity-based vacations are about doing specific things like cooking or art.

Additional Question 2. Write an E-mail to your friend about your holiday experiences using the information given below. (20p) 

Vacation type: Trekking and hiking vacation
Accommodation: all-inclusive hotel
Activities: Archery, Yoga, Kayaking

Answer Key for the additional question 2:

A possible E-mail Example:

Hi Sarah,

I hope this email finds you well! I just got back from my holiday and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.

First off, I decided to go on a trekking and hiking vacation in the mountains. It was both challenging and breathtaking! The views from the top were like nothing I’d ever seen before – I felt like I was on top of the world. I met some fellow hikers along the way, and we shared stories and snacks.

I also tried something new this time – I stayed in an all-inclusive hotel for a few days. It was so relaxing not having to worry about meals or activities. They had everything from yoga classes to kayaking. I even tried my hand at archery!

I took loads of photos, which I’ll attach in my next email. Can’t wait to catch up in person and hear about what you’ve been up to as well.

Take care and talk soon!

Best, Emily

Additional Question 3. Write a paragraph about possible consequences when a student doesn’t obey the rules given below.

1. Listen to the Teacher:
2. Do Your Homework:
3. Be Respectful:
4. Keep the Classroom Clean
5. Raise Your Hand to Speak

Answer Key for the additional question 3:

If a student doesn’t follow these rules, there can be some problems. Not listening to the teacher can make it hard to learn and understand lessons. This might mean getting lower grades. If a student doesn’t do homework, they can fall behind in class. Being disrespectful can lead to trouble with teachers and other students, and might even mean having to go to the principal’s office. A messy classroom is not a nice place to learn, and if everyone doesn’t help keep it clean, it can become disorganized and uncomfortable. Lastly, not waiting for your turn to speak can make the class noisy and disrupt lessons, which isn’t fair to others who are trying to learn. It’s really important to follow these rules to help everyone have a good experience at school.

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