12.Sınıf 1.Dönem 2.Listening – Speaking Sınavı

12.sınıf 1.dönem listening ve speaking soruları
12.sınıf 1.dönem 2.listening ve speaking örnek sınav soruları

12.Sınıf 1.Dönem 2.Listening – Speaking Sınavı

12.Sınıf 1.dönem 2.listening ve speaking sınavı soruları indirme sayfasına hoş geldiniz. 2023-2024 Eğitim Öğretim yılı 12.sınıf 1.dönem 2. speaking sınav sorularımız ve listening dosyamız hemen aşağıda yazımıza eklenmiştir. Beklemeden tüm dosyaları hemen indirebilirsiniz.

12. Sınıf 1. dönem listening sınavı

Bu, listening soruları “E12.3.L2. Students will be able to distinguish the positive and
negative expressions about human rights in a recorded text/video.” kazanımı için hazırlanmıştır.

  • Answer the questions about human rights according to the audio you will listen to.

Human rights are vital for every person around the world, providing a foundation for fairness, respect, and equality. Grounded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they encompass freedoms like speech, religion, privacy, and access to education, while advocating for gender equality and opposing practices such as slavery. These rights empower individuals to express their views, follow their faith, and engage in the democratic process. Education, as a human right, is critical for personal growth and societal development. Unfortunately, there are still instances where these rights are not fully respected or protected, leading to issues like unfair treatment, suppression of free speech, and privacy breaches. Such violations can result in social unrest and hinder the progress towards a more just and equal society. It’s essential to recognize and address these challenges, as understanding and upholding human rights is crucial for the betterment of global communities and the fostering of a peaceful, equitable world.

  1. Question: What are human rights important for? Answer: Fair treatment and respect for all individuals.
  2. Question: What does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights cover? Answer: It covers freedoms like speech, religion, and privacy.
  3. Question: How do human rights support gender equality? Answer: By ensuring fair treatment regardless of gender.
  4. Question: Why is education considered a human right? Answer: It is essential for personal growth and development.
  5. Question: What are some examples of human rights violations? Answer: Unfair treatment, suppression of speech, and privacy breaches.
  6. Question: What negative impact can occur when human rights are not respected? Answer: It can lead to social unrest and conflict.
  7. Question: How do human rights empower individuals? Answer: By allowing them to express opinions and participate in governance.
  8. Question: Why is understanding human rights important? Answer: To build a just and equitable society.
  9. Question: What challenges does the world face regarding human rights? Answer: Ensuring they are fully respected and protected.
  10. Question: What role do human rights play in global communities? Answer: They foster peaceful and equitable interactions.

12. Sınıf 1. dönem speaking sınavı

Bu sorular “E12.3.S1. Students will be able to make suggestions about improving human rights.” ve “E12.4.S1. Students will be able to talk about predictions and plans.” kazanımları için hazırlanmıştır.

  1. Question: How can we improve access to education as a human right? Answer: [Students suggest ways to enhance educational access]
  2. Question: What suggestions do you have to promote gender equality in our society? Answer: [Students offer ideas to advance gender equality]
  3. Question: How can we ensure everyone’s right to free speech is protected? Answer: [Students propose methods to safeguard free speech rights]
  4. Question: What can be done to prevent violations of privacy rights? Answer: [Students recommend strategies to protect privacy]
  5. Question: What actions can we take to help eliminate practices like slavery in today’s world? Answer: [Students suggest actions to eradicate slavery]
  6. Question: How can individuals contribute to upholding human rights in their communities? Answer: [Students provide ideas on individual contributions to human rights]
  7. Question: What are your predictions for the future of technology in the next ten years? Answer: [Students share their predictions about technological advancements]
  8. Question: How do you plan to further your education after finishing high school? Answer: [Students discuss their plans for further education]
  9. Question: What are your thoughts on how climate change will impact our world in the future? Answer: [Students share their predictions about the effects of climate change]
  10. Question: What are your personal goals for the next five years? Answer: [Students discuss their future plans and goals]

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