Comparatives konu anlatımı

comparatives nedir

Comparatives nedir ?

Comparatives nedir? Comparatives örnekleri nelerdir? Grammar index dersimize hoş geldiniz. Dersimiz bazen ingilizce bazen de Türkçe olarak anlatılacaktır.  Comparatives nedir sorusunu cevaplamadan önce zarfların ve sıfatların ne olduğunu tam olarak anlamamız gereklidir. Bildiğiniz gibi sıfatlar bize bir ismi tarif etmemizde yardım eden kelimelerdir. Öte yandan zarflar ise fiiller hakkında bilgi vermektedir. Lütfen aşağıdaki açıklamamızı okuyunuz.

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Comparatives nedir?

Comparatives nedir? Comparatives yani ingilizce sıfatların karşılaştırması amaçlarına göre çeşitli şekillerde yapılabilir. When we want to compare two things or actions with each other we can sometimes use an adjective or an adverb to indicate the differences or similarities in size, in degree .. etc.

  • Adjective is a word that describes or modify a noun or pronoun.
  • Adverb is word that  modifies verbs, adjectives, prepositions or sentences. They express manner, place, time, frequency, degree, etc. answering questions such as how?, in what way?, when, where and to what extent.
  • İngilizce zarflarla ilgili detaylı çalışma için Adverbs konu anlatımı bağlantımıza tıklayın.

Comparatives örnekleri

Bu tablodaki sıfatlar aynı zamanda zarf olarak da kullanılıyor.
adjective adverb adjective adverb
well well pretty pretty (rather)
public publicly short short / shortly
direct direct / directly enough enough
hard hard / hardly far far
high high fast fast
late late/ lately hourly hourly
early early daily daily
most most / mostly weekly weekly
much much monthly monthly
near near / nearly yearly yearly
deep deep long long

Comparatives konu anlatımı?

comparative adjectives konu anlatımı
comparative konu anlatımı

Comparatives kuralları nelerdir?

1- Tek heceli sıfat ve zarflar

comparatives konu anlatımı
Comparatives örnekler

Comparatives nedir ?

One syllable adverbs are usually adjectives in the same form. We shouldn’t confuse them with their adjectives forms. Let’s check this out below.

Her eyes are wide ( wide= adjective)
Her eyes opened wide ( wide= adverb)

Now let’s make them comparative;

  • Her eyes are wider ( wider= comparative adjective)
  • Her eyes opened wider ( wider= comparative adverb)

Another example for this case;

  • His new car is fast (adjective) = His new car is faster ( comparative adjective)
  • I can drive fast (adverb) = I can drive faster ( comparative adverb)

2- İki veya daha çok heceliler

We use “more” with adjectives and adverbs formed by two or more syllables. If we want to make a comparison in reverse then we can use “less” instead of “more”. Let’s keep in mind that we use “more” with adverbs which usually end in “ly”. These adverbs are often followed by “than”.

Comparatives nedir?

comparatives kuralları
ingilizce sıfatların karşılaştırılmas

Of course, we have some rules about how to add “er” as well.

 Comparatives konu anlatımı sıfatlara “er” ekleme kuralı

er ekleme kuralı rules for adding er
er ekleme kuralı rules for adding er

We have learned about changing adjectives and adverbs into comparatives form so far. The next thing we need to learn is forming comparative sentences. We will practice in three different forms of comparatives.

  1. Comparatives type one ( er, more, less, than)
  2. Comparatives type two ( much better, any better, no longer, more and more, better and better)
  3. Comparatives type three (as ….. as / … than/ the same as)

Comparatives nedir ?

Comparatives örnekleri tip – 1

This is the type in which we use them in sentences  formed by “to be” or other verbs as follows. Comparatives konu anlatımı dersimizde şimdi to be fiili ile sıfatların karşılaştırmasını bir göz atalım.

comparative nedir
comparatives ne demek comparatives konu anlatımı

Comparatives konu anlatımı

comparatives örnekleri
comparatives ne anlama gelir?

Comparatives ne demek?

Note!  than me / than I am

  • You are more clever than me or we can say  “you are more clever than I am”
  • She has more friends than us or we can say “She has more friends than we have”

Note! we can use “er” or “more” with these two syllables adjectives:

  • cleverer/ more clever, narrower/ more narrow, quieter/ more quieter, shallower/ more shallow, simpler/ more simple.


  • Can you run faster? ( we can also use comparatives without “than”)
  • Can you run faster than me?
  • Can you run faster than I do?
  • Our math exam was easier than we expected.
  • I think that traveling on a train is more comfortable than traveling on a bus.
  • This city is too crowded. I would like to live somewhere quiter. Comparative nedir?

Comparatives örnekleri tip – 2

a) We can modify comparatives with “much”, “a lot”, “far”, “a bit”, “a little”, “slightly”

For example:

  • They are much richer than us.
  • Her hair is slightly longer than mine ( my hair)
  • How is it now? “much better, thank you.”
  • It is much more dangerous than I expected
  • It was much more difficult than I expected.
  • Can you write a bit faster?
  • Can you speak a bit more slowly, please? I can’t understand what you say.

b) We can also use comparatives with “any” and “no”

Comparatives örnekleri

  • Be more quick! They can’t wait for us any longer.
  • This is no longer a secret. Everyone knows the truth
  • They don’t need you any longer
  • Don’t worry! It can be no more dangerous for us
  • I can’t eat any more apples. I am full
  • I no longer love them
  • I don’t love them any longer.

c) we use “better and better”, “more and more” and “less and less” to show that something goes on changing

Comparatives örnekleri

  • His English is getting better and better
  • It gets more and more difficult to understand you.
  • Everything is getting more and more expensive in this city
  • This tree will get bigger and bigger.
  • Her son grew fatter and fatter over the years.
  • We have to work harder and harder to prove them who we are
  • The weather is getting hotter and hotter this week.
  • More and more people are learning English to get a decent job
  • Fewer and fewer people come to buy a book.
  • Something happened and since then, we are talking less and less Comparatives nedir?

d) We can use comparatives with “the …… the …..”, “the less …. the less …..”,  “the more …… the more …..” and other combinations

Let’s check the examples below. In this case, we modify them in two ways.

1- the …… the better


Comparatives örnekleri

  • The more dangerous it is, the more we like it
  • The higher we climb, the colder it gets. ( combination)
  • The less you try the less you win.
  • The sooner we start the earlier we will finish ( combination)
  • The sooner the better.
  • The less you know, the better
  • The more visitors  come, the more food we will need!
  • The more you learn about him, the less you like  (combination).
  • The more water, we waste the earlier we use up ( combination)
  • The elder you are, the easier you do what you want ( combination)
  • The faster you drive a car, the more dangerous you are ( combination)
  • Comparatives konu anlatımı

Comparatives örnekleri tip – 3

We can use comparatives with “not as ………”,  ” as …………”, ” not so ….. (as). Let’s check our examples below.

  • Tom is tall
  • Tom is taller than John
  • But he is not as tall as me ( I am)

Comparatives konu anlatımı örnekleri

  • She isn’t as rich as you.
  • She isn’t so rich as you .
  • He was no so clever as you told
  • Please finish it as quick as you can.
  • You can eat as much as you want.
  • You can speak as much as you want. I don’t listen to you.
  • Don’t speak just be as quick as you can.
  • It was not as difficult as we thought it would be.
  • I don’t like her. She isn’t as friendly as her sister.
  • The teacher says that the second exam will not be so easy as the first one.

Comparatives ne anlama gelir ? Comparatives nedir? Comparatives örnekleri. 5. sınıf ingilizce dyk kurs planı gitmek için tıkla.

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