7. sınıf 3.ünite ingilizce kazanım testi

Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi
7.sınıf 3. ünite ingilizce kazanım testi
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7. sınıf biographies ingilizce kazanım testi

7. sınıf biographies ünitesi ingilizce kazanım testi. Testimiz orta düzeyin biraz üstünde bir güçlük seviyesinde hazırlanmıştır. Sınıfta uygulaması kolay olması düşünülerek arkalı önlü 2 sayfa olacak şekilde hazırlanmıştır. Testimizi indirip sınıfta uyguladıktan sonra tahtada da çözebilmeniz için aşağıda da ayrıca paylaştık. Diğer ingilizce kazanım testlerimiz için kazanım testler sayfamızı ziyaret emeyi unutmayın. Kazanım testleri sayfamızda online çözülebilir testlerimiz de mevcuttur.

Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  • …………………. was my first day at school. I met lots of friends there.

biograhies ünitesi kazanım testi
biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  1. She
  2. tomorrow
  3. I
  4. Yesterday
  • I ……………………. a new TV series ………………. Miracle Doctor last week. When I grow up I want to help people ……….. him.

7.sınıf biographies ünitesi kazanım testi
7.sınıf biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  1. am watching / calls / like
  2. watched / names / with
  3. watched / called / like
  4. watches / called / like
  • According to the calendar

7. sınıf 3.ünite ingilizce kazanım testi
7. sınıf 3.ünite ingilizce kazanım testi

  1. 02.2020
  2. January of 15, 2020
  3. 15th January 2020
  4. in January 15th 2020
  • Aysun ………………….. did you go to the dentist?Özlem: The first ……. January, 2013

Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi
Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  1. What time / on
  2. When / of
  3. When / in
  4. How / of
  • …………. broke its shell?

Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi
Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  1. who /did
  2. Who is / did
  3. did you / am
  4. How / did
    1. don’t / are / went
    2. did / was / go
    3. didn’t / was / went
    4. didn’t / were / goI …………. want to go to home right after school today. I didn’t because there ………. too much homework to do. Instead, I ……….. to park to play football with my friends. I think that the teachers shouldn’t give us lots of homework.

Biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  •  What ………………….. to you after the explosion? Do you remember something or someone strange around?
    1. happens
    2. happened
    3. did
    4. time
  • Answer 8-9-10 according to the paragraph

biographies ünitesi ingilizce kazanım testi
biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

Alexander Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on March 3, 1847. The family home was at South Charlotte Street, and has a stone inscription marking it as Alexander Graham Bell's birthplace. He had two brothers: Melville James Bell (1845–1870) and Edward Charles Bell (1848–1867), His brothers had tuberculosis and died early. His father was Professor Alexander Melville Bell. He was studying on language. His mother was Eliza Grace. He was the inventor of the telephone but he refused to have a telephone at his office. When they asked him why, He said “telephone can distrupt my attention from my works.”

  •  When was Alexander Bell born?
  1.  3rd March, 1847
  2. The third of 3, 1847
  3. March 3th, 1847
  4. The March three, 1847

7.sınıf biographies ünitesi kazanım testi

  • Which statement is true about Alexander Bell?
  1. His two brothers died in an accident
  2. His brothers lived much longer than Bell
  3. His brothers were professors
  4. His brothers didn’t live much
  • According to Alexander Bell……….
  1. Telephone can help him at office
  2. Telephone can not distrupt him from his works
  3. Telephone is not something good if you need to focus on your works
  4. You can not focus on your works at work without having a telephone.
  • Sabiha Gökçen ………… the first female combat pilot by The Guinness Book …….. World Records. They selected her as the only female pilot for the poster of "The 20 Greatest Aviators in History" published …… the United States Air Force in 1996.
  1. was/ of / in
  2. is / in / by
  3. was / of / by
  4. was / on / of
  • Apartheid ……… a political system  that existed in South and South West Africa (Namibia) from 1948 until the early 1990s. It was a political culture based on white supremacy. According to this system white citizens ………. the highest status and rights. But the black Africans had the …….. status and rights.The economic legacy and social effects of apartheid continued to the present day.
  1. was / has / lowest
  2. is / had / had
  3. was/ had / lowest
  4. was / had / highest

Biographies ünitesi ingilizce kazanım testi indirme sayfasıdır.


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