Adverbs of Time

adverbs of time
adverbs of time

Adverbs of Time Konu Anlatımı

Adverbs of time konu anlatımı grammar dersimize hoş geldiniz. Bu çalışmamızda ilk olarak adverbs of manner nedir sorusunu yanıtlayacağız. Daha sonra, zaman zarfları türleri ve örneklerini göreceğiz. Son olarak da, adverbs of time egzersizleri ile dersimizi bitireceğiz. Umarım sizler için faydalı bir çalışma olur.

Adverbs of Time nedir?

  • Eylemlerin ne zaman, ne sıklıkla ve ne kadar süreyle yapıldığını gösteren ingilizce zarf türlerine adverbs of time denir. Zaman zarflarını kullanılan amaca ve yere göre 3 temel türe ayırabilmemiz mümkündür.

Adverbs of time tell us about;

  • a specific time of the actions with the question when,
  • the frequencies of the actions with the question how often,
  • the duration of the actions with the question how long,
adverbs of time
Types of adverbs of time

1- Adverbs of definite time 

We should ask the subject about when the action is happening to find these kinds of adverbs of time. For instance; I am going to New York. If we ask when you will go, our answer may be “today”, “now”, “yesterday” etc. We can categorize all these answers within this group of adverbs because they answer the question “when”. Therefore, they are not adverbs of frequencies. They are also not the adverbs of durations.

Examples for Adverbs of Definite Time
Already We have already put actions in place
at .. o’clock She left the office at 6 pm.
At that moment At that moment I believed him.
Before Haven’t I met you before here?
Last year/month/etc. She knows that this is probably his last term.
In the afternoon/etc Late in the afternoon, the rescuers emerged.
…days/hours etc later Ten minutes later, the phone rang again.
Later Rick later died in hospital.
Now But they now know that this is simply untrue.
Right now Stop everything right now.
Shortly after/before This was shortly after their trial.
Soon They soon started dating.
Then But then things changed.
Today Today there may be a need for more soldiers.
Tonight But tonight we had a job to do.
Tomorrow I have a job interview tomorrow morning.
Yesterday Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House. 
Yet But it hasn’t happened yet.

2- Adverbs of duration

These types of adverbs show the length of actions. We learn about it by asking “how long”, “since when” and “up to what” questions.

Examples for Adverbs of Duration
All-day/morning etc. I’ve walked all day.
Briefly I was briefly infatuated with her.
For a long time He’s played for a long time.
For hours She did this for hours.
For two days/ months etc. They worked for us for two days.
Forever It could have been lost forever.
Permanently We can permanently disable a gene if you want.
Since then Since then, nothing has happened.
Since last week/last year Since last July, the family has never come together.
Since 2020/1995 etc. Since 2020, We’ve piled up a mountain of complaints.
Temporarily We temporarily ceased production
Till Tuesday/ tomorrow etc. Keep the rest in your hand till the guards go away.

3- Adverbs of frequencies

We have two types of adverbs in this category.  The first one is adverbs of definite frequency and the second one is adverbs of indefinite frequency. For more details, please visit adverbs of frequency page.

Examples for Adverbs of indefinite frequencies
Always It wasn’t always like this, of course.
Usually They usually have music on in the background.
Generally They generally struggle to make a profit, even in China
Often She often appears offended.
Sometimes They sometimes wear skirts and dresses.
Occasionally  Occasionally they get more people to show up.
Seldom She is seldom left alone for long.
Rarely The towels are rarely cleaned in this hotel.
Hardly ever hardly ever see you here.
Never She would never do that.
Examples for Adverbs of definite frequencies
Every year/month etc. Nearly every year, it snows in February.
Once a day/etc. Patients should take it once a day orally.
Twice a day/etc. You have to feed them twice a day.
Four times a year/etc The group meets four times a year.
Once in a while Weigh yourself once in a while.
From time to time Everybody has problems from time to time.
Annually They each annually emit around 10 tonnes of CO2.
Daily I exercised daily before the tournament.
They held quarterly meetings
Hourly I have hourly information about their location,
Nightly I have a nightly routine.

Adverbs of time exercises

Test hakkında: Sayfa mobil 1 arama ile bulunduğunda hızlandırılmış sürüm nedeniyle test çalışmayabilir. Direk mobil girişlerde sorun yoktur. Test çalışmadığı taktirde buraya tıklayarak  Adverbs of time bağlantısına tıklayın. Sorun düzelecektir.

1. We have ................ ordered everything.
2. She ............... swims 12km a day.
3. Some users even  ................ suspend their accounts because of these ads.
4. Maybe I call them or they come just ............... I haven't decided yet.
5. Have they invested in fossil fuels ................?
6. He really wants to get it right, but he ................ does what he thinks.
7. He died ................ the doctor arrived at the site of the accident.
8. When she has time off, she ................ works on a cruise with her husband.
9. Do you ................ have ties there?
10. The company has grown spectacularly ................ their father died.


Would you like to see different examples for adverbials of time? I advise you to visit learngrammar blog.

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