Countable and uncountable nouns

countable and uncountable nouns konu anlatımı
countable and uncountable nouns konu anlatımı

Countable and Uncountable Nouns Listesi

Countable and uncountable nouns listesi. İngilizce sayılabilen ve sayılamayan isimler konu anlatımı. Nouns türleri ve örnekleri nelerdir. Bu dersimizde ilk olarak countable ve uncountable isimlerin ne olduğunu öğreneceğiz. Daha sonra isimleri türlerine göre listeleyeceğiz. En son olarak da çeşitli özel kullanımları tek tek örneklendirerek dersimizi bitireceğiz.

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

İngilizcede yardımcı fiiller ve nicelik sıfatları çoğu zaman isimlerin tekillik ve çoğulluk durumundan etkilenmektedir. Bu nedenle yeni bir kelime öğrendiğimizde mutlaka countable olarak mı yoksa uncountable olarak mı kullanıldığını sözlükten kontrol etmeliyiz.

Countable noun nedir?

Countable nouns nicelik olarak sayabileceğimiz, çoğul forma dönüşebilen ve önüne sayı sıfatı alabilen isimlere deriz. Örneğin “apple” ismini ele alalım;

  • Three apples. Önüne sayı sıfatı ekleyebiliyoruz.  Ayrıca çoğul forma da dönüştürebiliyoruz ve nicelik olarak sayabilmemiz mümkündür. Öyleyse “apple” sözcüğünün bir countable noun olduğunu söyleyebiliriz.

Uncountable noun nedir?

Uncountable nouns kısaca sayılamayan ve çoğul formu bulunmayan isimlere denir. Ancak çoğul form durumuyla ilgili istisnalar vardır. Bunları dersin ilerleyen bölümlerinde aşağıda göreceksiniz. Bu isimler tekil  olarak sayılamadıkları için doğal olarak önlerine sayı sıfatı da koyabilmemiz mümkün değildir.

Uncountable nouns listesi,
Uncountable nouns listesi,

Uncountable Nouns Listesi

Beauty  Ideal human beauty was rediscovered in Renaissance.
Business It is none of your business.
Education Does she have a university education?
Energy You can supply energy from solar panels.
Feedback She needs some positive feedback on her work.
Homework Homework was a cause of academic failure in past centuries.
Information The information you gave us is not relevant.
Literature I did an MA in American literature.
News She will be on the 7 o’clock news.
Space We have plenty of space to use.
Peace I’d rather you left us in peace.
Traffic There wasn’t much traffic after 8 pm.
Time Her health will get worse as time passes by.

Advice He needs some advice before going abroad.
Aggression My dog never shows aggression towards the children.
Bravery Would you like to prove your bravery?
Courage You didn’t have the courage to speak.
Curiosity He opened the door to satisfy the visitors’ curiosity.
Faith  I have lost my faith in you.
Guilt They are presumed to be innocent until their guilt is proven.
Humour I don’t like people with no sense of humor.
Knowledge They didn’t have much knowledge of their past.
Love You shouldn’t underestimate a mother’s love.
Patience I have little patience with the children.
Satisfaction She tried to find satisfaction in helping people.
Wisdom People are questioning the wisdom of waiting so much.

Archeology She can apply for a university’s archaeology department.
Art  I am not interested in modern art.
Architecture I have studied the architecture of DNA for five years.
Civics Civics was her favorite subject at school.
Chemistry He began to study for his doctorate in chemistry.
Commerce I am not interested in electronic commerce.
Economics  He wants to take economics at university.
Ethics There are three major areas of study within ethics.
Engineering Engineering is the closest thing to magic in the world.
Grammar Their knowledge of English grammar is very poor.
History The history of space travel can be rewritten by this launch.
Mathematics  Mathematics wasn’t my best subject at school.
Music He seeks a career in the music business.
Photography Learn techniques needed for successful wildlife photography.
Poetry I didn’t know she wrote poetry.
Psychology What sort of social psychology should we study on?
Vocabulary (1) You should improve your vocabulary.

Baseball  She went out to play baseball.
Basketball I am not tall enough for basketball.
Bridge Learning bridge is more difficult than studying in medicine.
Chess We usually play chess in the evenings.
Cricket I have never watched cricket.
Golf Look around! Golf can not be a local activity here.
Rugby Students love watching Rugby at college.
Soccer His soccer career has just begun.
Tennis She doesn’t want to play tennis anymore.

Bread Please pass the bread.
Butter Can you spread butter on my toast, please?
Cake You should carefully cut the cake into eight pieces.
Cheese Have you ever taste English cheese?
Coffee I’d like to take my coffee white, please.
Fish  I can’t eat raw fish.
Food  There isn’t enough food for tomorrow.
Flour You should mix the flour and sugar in a bowl.
Fruit  I love fruit at dinner.
Ice-cream  What flavor of ice cream do you like?
Meat  There isn’t much meat for a picnic.
Oil We don’t expect a rise in the price of oil.
Pasta You should drain the pasta thoroughly before the sauce.
Rice Rice cultivation is well-suited to regions with high rainfall.
Salt Salt is usually present in vast quantities in seawater.
Soup The existence of soup can be found as far back as about 20,000 BC
Spaghetti Spaghetti can be made from ground grain and water
Tea The addition of milk to tea in Europe was first mentioned in 1680.
Tost Toast with jam or marmalade is pretty popular.

Chinese Standard Chinese is based on the Beijing dialect of Mandarin.
English Australian English grammar aligns closely with British English.
French French is an official language in 29 countries.
German Modern German begins with the Early New High German period.
Spanish Spanish is an official language of the European Union.
Russian In terms of actual grammar, there are three tenses in Russian.
Turkish Turkish does not have grammatical gender.
 + and all other languages

Darkness We should set out before darkness falls.
Hail Severe weather warnings are issued for hail in the news.
Heat You should reduce heat loss.
Humidity Relative humidity increases the apparent temperature to humans.
Ice Ice can be used to cool drinks.
Lightning Cosmic rays may create pathways for lightning bolts.
Rain Rain is measured in millimeters per hour.
Snow Snow will affect the airfields and railroads.
Thunder The lightning is seen before the thunder is heard.
Wind The main source of erosion is wind.

Cooking Vitamin C is especially prone to oxidation during cooking.
Driving Driving in traffic is more than just knowing how to control the vehicle.
Hiking Hiking may include threats such as wild animals or noxious plants.
Studying Studying can be more effective if you change your environment.
Speaking Public speaking was first developed in Rome and Greece.
Swimming Swimming can help tone and strengthen muscles.
Walking Walking is seen as a way to enjoy nature and the outdoors.
Working Hong Kong has no legislation regarding maximum working hours.
Writing The Egyptian hieroglyphs are considered the earliest writing systems.

Cotton The transportation of cotton fabrics had become very profitable.
Equipment A short walk doesn’t require full backpacking equipment.
Garbage You should take the garbage out every morning.
Glass The Romans were the first known to use glass for windows.
Gold Gold compounds have been investigated as possible anti-cancer drugs.
Grass We are looking for shady grass for our picnic.
Hair Xie Qiuping had the longest documented hair in the world.
Paper Can you put these thoughts down on paper?
Silver You’d rather use a soft cloth to polish the silver.
Wood Wood has been used for thousands of years for making tools.

Articles ile uncountable nouns kullanımı

Uncountable nouns yapıları çoğunlukla başlarına sayı sıfatı almazlar. Bu nedenle önlerinde indefinite article (a/an) göremeyiz.

  • Yanlış Χ I found a money
  • Doğru √ I found some money
  • Doğru √ Can you find the money?
  • Ancak, isimlerle beraber “the, a ve an” kullanımında bazı istisnalar mevcuttur. Dilerseniz bu konunun oldukça detaylı anlatıldığı Articles konu anlatımı sayfamıza bir göz atın.

Uncountable nouns ile partitive structures

Peki o zaman, sayılamayan isimlerin önünde sayı sıfatı koyamıyoruz. Öyleyse miktar belirtmek istediğimizde ne yapmalıyız.? Bu durumda yanıtımız tabiki partitives kullanımı olacaktır. Bu konuyu yüzlerce ingilizce örneğin verildiği detaylı bir sayfada çalışmak için partitive expressions bağlantımıza tıklayın.

Partitive structure Example
A piece of advice She may need a piece of advice before beginning the job.
A loaf of bread Can you take two loaves of bread for me?
A breath of fresh air We’d better go out for a breath of fresh air.
A liter of oil We’ll need five liters of oil to arrive home.

Hem countable hem uncountable olabilen isimler

ABSTRACT CONCEPTS such as love, beauty, courage, time, business
Countable This lesson will be about how to run a business.
Uncountable We check her business activities.
Countable The dollar rates against European currencies.
Uncountable The value of the currency has fallen by 25%.
DRINKS such as coffee, tea, milk
Countable Let’s stop somewhere to have a coffee.
Uncountable I usually drink filter coffee.
Countable finally, I caught a big fish.
Uncountable We should eat fish every week.
Countable I’m starting to get a few grey hairs.
Uncountable She has dark frizzy hair.
Countable You should wait for the lights to change before getting across.
Uncountable Suddenly, we saw a flash of light.
Countable We’ve heard a strange noise outside.
Uncountable There was a lot of noise in the library.
Countable The 5 most popular scientific papers of January 2022
Uncountable Write your demands on a piece of paper (Attention! not on a paper)
Countable They’re upstairs in their rooms.
Uncountable Step back and leave some room for the others, please.
Countable It was a difficult time for all of us.
Uncountable We have no time to kill today.
Work (countable only for plays, paintings..etc)
Countable I’ve got all the Collected Works of Edgar Elan Poe.
Uncountable We’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow morning.

Quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns

Countable ve uncountable konu anlatımı dersimizin ilk ayağını bitirdik. Ancak, konumuz henüz bitmedi. Çünkü, nicelik sıfatlarının isimlerle doğru kullanımını bilmek bu dersimizin ikinci ayağını oluşturmaktadır. Bu nedenle dersin geri kalanı için lütfen hazırladığım Quantifiers  linkine tıklayın.

Would you like to see exercises for countable and uncountable nouns? I advise you to follow myenglishpages link.

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