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Partitive expressions

Partitives List

Partitives list dersine hoş geldiniz. İngilizce partitives ne demek? Bu dersimizde öncelikle partitives listesini göreceğiz. Ardından partitive nouns cümlelerini görerek çeşitli özel durumları inceleyeceğiz ve dersimizi bitireceğiz.

Partitive Expressions nedir?

Genel olarak partitive expressions bir bütünün belli parçasını nicelik ya da belirli bir kısım olarak ifade eden sözcük ya da sözcük öbeklerine denir. Partitives bazen “partitive nouns” ya da “partitive noun phares” olarak da adlandırılmaktadır. Bu yapıları countables ve uncountables nouns isimler için kullanabiliriz. Ancak büyük çoğunlukla uncountables ile kullanılırız. Böylelikle sayılamayan isimlere bir çeşit ölçülebilme olanağı sağlamış oluyoruz.

Partitives Listesi

Partitives with abstract nouns
An act of violence The results of daily acts of gun violence.
An act of Parliament An Act of Parliament creates may change the existing law.
An act of kindness I am grateful for your act of kindness.
A bit of advice I need a bit of good advice for the holiday.
An act of vandalism The acts of vandalism damaged the bank.
A bit of luck You might pass the exam with a bit of luck.
A bit of knowledge I have a bit of knowledge about American History.
A grain of truth There was a grain of truth on what he had told.
A piece of work  It is also used for very unkind or unpleasant persons
For example: You’re a real piece of work, aren’t you?
A piece of work That is an excellent piece of work from Shakespeare.
A piece of advice Her father gave me a piece of advice
A pang of regret I instantly felt a pang of regret.
A pang of guilt She feels a pang of guilt about her cancellations.
A pang of remorse A pang of remorse went through him.
A rush of jealousy He felt an enormous rush of jealousy.
A rush of excitement This city always gives me a rush of excitement.
A rush of anger A rush of anger took me over when I read the content.
A wink of sleep I didn’t get a wink of sleep all night.
a wave of panic A wave of senseless panic spreads through the countryside.
a wave of protest The massive waves of protests from the twentieth century.
A wave of immigrants A new wave of immigrants is expected.
A wave of strikes The latest wave of strikes destroyed the village.

Partitives with containers
A barrel of beer They pay tax on every barrel of beer they produce.
A basket of fruit The winner receives a basket of fruit.
A bottle of milk She has never bought a bottle of milk.
A can of hairspray Six dollars for a can of hairspray is affordable.
a can of fish I just opened up a can of tuna fish.
A can of soup I will open a can of mushroom soup.
A carton of cigarettes He carried a carton of cigarettes
A cartoon of eggs He placed a carton of eggs into a plastic sack.
A carton of fruit juice They arrived with a carton of orange juice.
A cup of milk We cannot give them a cup of milk once a day.
A cup of coffee. Sometimes a cup of coffee is enough.
A cup of tea We started with a cup of tea.
A dollop of tomato sauce You should serve it with a dollop of tomato sauce.
A glass of beer he ordered a glass of beer.
A glass of water He sipped from a glass of water.
A jar of jam The $10 fee includes a jar of jam.
A jar of peanut butter He unpacked a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter.
A jug of water I always carry a jug of water in the car.
A keg of beer A keg of German beer will be tapped on Sunday.
A mug of cocoa We would have been better off with a mug of cocoa.
A packet of cigarettes He had a packet of cigarettes inside his jacket.
A pack of cigarettes There is A pack of cigarettes on the sofa.
A pot of strawberry yogurt Drizzle half a pot of natural yogurt over it.
A pot of tea She is about to make a pot of tea.
A roll of silver foil She tried to sell us a roll of aluminum foil.
A roll of film There’s a roll of film in her briefcase.
A stack of envelopes She stood clutching a stack of white envelopes.
a tube of paste I squeezed the last of a tube of tomato paste into it.
A tube of toothpaste It looks like a tube of toothpaste.
A vase of flowers What about putting a vase of flowers on the table?

Partitives with food
A bunch of grapes I got a bunch of grapes, and a banana,
A bunch of bananas They look like a bunch of green bananas.
A bunch of parsley Just finely chop a bunch of parsley.
A joint of beef I will buy a joint of beef from my local butchers
A loaf of bread You should buy a loaf of bread with a hard crust.
A lump of butter Mash parsley into a lump of butter with lemon juice.
A lump of sugar There was a crowd of ants on a lump of sugar.
A lump of rock Astronomers had found a lump of rock.
A piece of bread May I have a piece of bread?
A slice of bread Take a slice of bread with cheese.
A slice of ham Two eggs and a slice of ham sound great for breakfast,
A sack of potatoes We carried him like a sack of potatoes.
A sack of rice He was accused of stealing a sack of rice.
A tin of soup She opened a tin of tomato soup

Partitives with substance
A cluster of stars I looked at a cluster of stars that is roughly a billion years old.
A piece of string How long’s a piece of string?
A piece of glass You stepped on a piece of broken glass.
A piece of equipment She’s holding a piece of equipment under her right arm.
A ball of string A litter of kittens was chasing a ball of string.
A hank of hair Stretch a hank of hair straight from your head.
A piece of land We need a piece of land to cultivate.
A bar of soap He carries a bar of soap in an old cigarette pack.
A bunch of flowers I should learn how to make a bunch of flowers.
A sheet of glass There is a sheet of glass separating them.
A sheet of paper Someone handed me a sheet of paper.
A pile of magazines. She checked out a pile of magazines.
A pile of rubble He woke up under a pile of rubble.
A stack of papers I stared down at a stack of papers behind my desk.
A bundle of notes A large bundle of £50 notes.
A group of islands It takes its name from a group of islands.
A bunch of daffodils She posed for cameras clutching a bunch of daffodils.
A lump of coal Will they inherit a lump of coal instead of Earth?
A lump of clay She plays with a lump of clay between her hands.

Partitives with people and animals
A crowd of protesters A crowd of angry protesters gathered outside.
A crowd of shoppers She stood in front of a crowd of shoppers.
A crowd of onlookers There was a crowd of onlookers outside the market.
A crowd of people We saw a crowd of people waiting alongside the road.
A group of three/five/six A group of three officers stands out.
A group of children A group of children gathered around them to watch.
A group of boys A group of boys is crossing the road.
a board of directors It’s governed by a board of directors that sets policy.
A board trustees He manages the fund with board trustees.
A board of governors All changes are subject to a Board of Governors vote.
A flock of seagulls/birds A flock of birds flies by right overhead.
A flock of children A new flock of children comes up to me every summer.
A pack of hounds We were chased by a pack of hounds.
An assembly of reporters An assembly of students from over 25 universities
A troop of monkeys A troop of monkeys found us.
A colony of birds Being so close to a colony of birds is not easy.
A hive of activity Hive is a small box where bees live
A litter of kittens Litter is used for baby animals such as puppies or kittens
A team of experts A team of experts will be always available to help you.

Partitives with measures
An acre of farmland She owns 200 acres of farmland.
An acre of land In 2020 I bought an acre of land there.
A gallon of petrol We need a gallon of water in the truck.
A pint of beer Everyone ordered a pint of beer.
A pint of water People use a pint of water to boil an egg.
A pint of milk Add three pints of milk to the mixture.
An ounce of gold x The general use: Gold prices per ounce.
An ounce of gold An ounce of gold is worth more than $2,500.
An ounce of sense If you had an ounce of sense, you wouldn’t come here.
An ounce of truth There’s not an ounce of truth to any of it.

Partitives expressions konu anlatımı

Dersimizin sonuna geldik. Grammar index sayfamızdaki diğer konuları da incelemenizi tavsiye ediyorum.

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