Superlatives konu anlatımı

superlatives nedir
superlatives nedir

Superlatives nedir ?

Superlatives nedir? Superlatives kuralları nelerdir? Superlatives örnek cümleleri İngilizce sıfatların en üstünlük derecesi ve örnekleri. Most ve est ekleme nasıl yapılır? Dersimiz lise düzeyinde İngilizce ve Türkçe olarak hazırlanmıştır.

Superlatives nedir ?

Superlatives nedir? Superlatives sıfatların en üstünlük derecesi ve örnek cümleleri. Most ve est ekleme kuralları. Örnek superlatives cümleler. Before starting superlatives please make sure you learnt well previous topic: comparatives. Superlatives are also seen as a kind of comparision. They refer to the highest or lowest degrees of comparision of adjectives and adverbs in a particular way.

Superlatives for one syllables

superlatives ne demek
superlatives ne demek

Superlatives for two or more syllables

superlative nedir
superlative nedir

Rules for adding “est” in superlatives

superlatives konu anlatımı
superlatives, est

Irregular adjectives and adverbs

ingilizce düzensiz sıfatlar
superlatives adjectives adverbs konu anlatım

Superlative nedir?

Adding “the”

We usully use “the” in front of the adjectives before the nouns. We use “the” because there is only one thing which possesses that specific feauture in a particular group. But do not forget sometimes that “the” can be dropped. Let’s check our examples.

  • He is the most clever student in the class.
  • She is the fastest girl who can win the race.
  • This is the smallest one.
superlatives adjectives adverbs konu anlatım
superlatives adjectives adverbs konu anlatım

Let’ s keep it mind that in this sentences there is no direct comparision. Instead, there is a indirect comparision of superiority of one thing with the rest of a group. For more details you can check in  comparatives ve superlatives konu anlatımı in Turkish

superlatives adjectives adverbs konu anlatım

Superlatives nedir?

  • This hotel is the cheapest.
  • This hotel is the cheapest one.
  • This hotel is the cheapest one you can find in the city.
  • It is the most expensive car here.
  • She is the most successful student at school.
  • I am the eldest in the team.
  • It was the oldest ship in the navy

Soru zarfları ile superlatives

  • What is the biggest mountain in the world?
  • Where is the longest river in the world?
  • Who is the most clever scientist in the world?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • When is the longest day in the year?
  • When is the longest night in the year?
  • Which is the biggest planet in the solar system?

Ever ile superlatives kullanımı

  • This is the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen.
  • She was the most annoying customer I have ever met.
  • She was the fastest runner we have ever watched.
  • It was the best film I have ever seen
  • It is the smartest phone I have ever used

for a long time ile superlatives kullanımı

  • I think It was the best dinner we have had for a long time.
  • This was the best talk we’ve had for a long time
  • He was the most clumsy waiter I have employed for a long time
  • It was the hardest day I have gone through for a long time.
  • It was the longest book she has read for a long time.

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