İngilizce mesaj kısaltmaları – 100 Abbreviations

ingilizce kısaltmalar ve örnekleri
100 adet alfabetik sıralı ingilizce mesaj kısaltması

İngilizce mesaj kısaltmaları – 100 Abbreviations

İngilizce mesaj kısaltmaları nelerdir? Text abbreviations örnekleri. İngilizce mesaj kısaltmalarını alfabetik olarak aşağıda anlamları ve örnekleri ile iki kategoride sıraladık.

  • Birinci kategoride en çok kullanılan 30 abbreviations, örnekleriyle beraber verilmiştir.
  • İkinci kategoride ise 100 abbreviations, alfabetik olarak sıralı bir şekilde anlamlarıyla beraber listelenmiştir.

En çok kullanılan ingilizce mesaj kısaltmaları

İngilizce mesaj kısaltmaları genelde yakın arkadaşlar arasında sohbet ederken ya da sosyal medya platformlarının chat ve yorum sekmelerinde iletişimi hızlandırmak için sıkça kullanılır.

30 abbreviations anlam ve örnekleriyle beraber

  1. AFK: Away From Keyboard – “I’ll be AFK for 5 minutes.”
  2. ATM: At The Moment – “Can’t talk ATM, in a meeting.”
  3. B4: Before – “Can you finish the report B4 the meeting tomorrow?”
  4. BC: Because – “TX but, I can’t BC they don’t like me”
  5. BBL: Be Back Later – “Busy right now, BBL.”
  6. BFN: Bye For Now – “Got to go, BFN.”
  7. BRB: Be Right Back – “Hold on, BRB, someone’s at the door.”
  8. CU: See You – “CU at the party!”
  9. DM: Direct Message – “Can you DM me the details?”
  10. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out – “I have serious FOMO about the concert.”
  11. G2G: Got To Go – “It’s late, G2G.”
  12. GTG: Got To Go – “Sorry, GTG, my mom is calling.”
  13. HBU: How About You? – “I’m good, HBU?”
  14. IDC: I Don’t Care – “Choose the movie, IDC.”
  15. IDK: I Don’t Know – “IDK what to wear tonight.”
  16. ILY: I Love You – “Goodnight, ILY!”
  17. IMO: In My Opinion – “IMO, this is the best option.”
  18. JK: Just Kidding – “I ate all your cookies… JK!”
  19. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid – “Remember, KISS when making your presentation.”
  20. LMK: Let Me Know – “LMK if you need any help.”
  21. LOL: Laugh Out Loud – “I just watched a funny video. LOL!”
  22. NP: No Problem – “Thanks for the help! – NP!”
  23. OMG: Oh My God – “OMG, I can’t believe we won the game!”
  24. OMW: On My Way – “I’m OMW, be there in 5.”
  25. PPL: People – “So many PPL at the mall today.”
  26. RU: Are you..? – “R u coming tonight?”
  27. TBA: To Be Announced – “Party date is TBA.”
  28. THX or TX: Thanks – “Got your gift, THX!”
  29. TTYL: Talk To You Later – “Getting late, TTYL.”
  30. YW: You’re Welcome – “Thanks for the help! – YW!”

100 ingilizce Mesaj Kısaltması – Alfabetik olarak sıralı

100 abbreviations
  1. ABT: About
  2. AFAIK: As far as I know
  3. AFK: Away from the keyboard
  4. AMA: Ask me anything
  5. ATM: At the moment
  6. B4: Before
  7. BAE: Before anyone else
  8. BBL: Be Back Later
  9. BC: Because
  10. BF: Boyfriend
  11. BFD: Big freaking deal
  12. BFN: By For Now
  13. BOGO: Buy one get one
  14. BRB: Be Right Back
  15. BTW: By The Way
  16. BYOB: Bring your own beer
  17. COB: Close of business
  18. CU: See You
  19. CTA: Call to action
  20. DAE: Does anyone else?
  21. DM: Direct Message
  22. FAQ: Frequently asked question
  23. FB: Facebook
  24. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  25. FTFY: Fixed that for you
  26. FTW: For the win
  27. FYI: For your information
  28. G2G: Go to go
  29. GF: Girlfriend
  30. GG: Good game
  31. GTG: Go to go
  32. H8: Hate
  33. HBD: Happy birthday
  34. HBU: How about you?
  35. IDC: I don’t care
  36. IDK: I don’t know
  37. IG: Instagram
  38. IKR: I know right
  39. ILY: I love you
  40. IM: Instant message
  41. IMO: In my opinion
  42. IRL: In real life
  43. ISO: In search of
  44. JIC: Just in case
  45. JK: Just kidding
  46. JW: Just wondering
  47. KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid
  48. LDR: Long-distance relationship
  49. LI: LinkedIn
  50. LMK: Let Me Know
  51. LOL: Laugh Out Loud
  52. LOML: Love of my life
  53. LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
  54. LTR: Longterm relationship
  55. LYSM: Love you so much
  56. MFW: My Face When
  57. MMS: Multimedia messaging service
  58. N/A: Not applicable or not available
  59. NBD: No big deal
  60. NGL: Not gonna lie
  61. NP: No problem
  62. NSFW: Not Safe For Work
  63. NVM: Nevermind
  64. OOO: Out of office
  65. OMG: Oh My God
  66. OMW: On My Way
  67. POV: Point of view
  68. PM: Private message
  69. PPL: People
  70. QOTD: Quote of the day
  71. RN: Right now
  72. ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
  73. ROI: Return on investment
  74. RT: Retweet
  75. SMH: Shaking My Head
  76. SMP: Social media platform
  77. SMS: Short message service
  78. STFU: Shut the f*** up
  79. TBD: To be decided
  80. TBH: To Be Honest
  81. TBA: To Be Announced
  82. TCPA: Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  83. THX: Thanks
  84. TIA: Thanks in advance
  85. TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read
  86. TMI: Too Much Information
  87. TOS: Terms of service
  88. TTYL: Talk To You Later
  89. TW: Trigger warning
  90. UGC: User-generated content
  91. UX: User experience
  92. W/E: Whatever
  93. WFH: Work from home
  94. WDYT: What do you think?
  95. WYD: What are you doing?
  96. XOXO: Hugs and kisses
  97. YOLO: You only live once
  98. YT: YouTube
  99. YW: You’re welcome
  100. YOLO: You Only Live Once

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