William Langland: English Poet (1332-1386)

Who is William Langland
William Langland

The Life of William Langland: English Poet (1332-1386)

William Langland was an English poet who lived during the 14th century. He is best known for writing “Piers Plowman,” a famous medieval poem that explores the questions about life, religion, and society. Langland’s work is a significant part of English literature because it helps us understand the thoughts and feelings of people from his time.

Langland is believed to have been born around 1332, probably in the region of the West Midlands of England. This idea comes from the type of English language he used in his writing, which shows characteristics of that area. However, the exact place of his birth is unknown because records from that time are not very detailed.

Not much is known about Langland’s family. The historical documents from his time don’t give us information about his parents.  There is no record of if he was married and had children. This lack of personal details makes it hard to know much about his private life.

As for his career, Langland is primarily recognized for his work onPiers Plowman.” This poem is his major contribution to English literature, and it suggests that he had a deep interest in religion, morality, and social issues. There’s some speculation that he might have worked in clerical or religious roles, but there’s no solid evidence to confirm this. The poem went through several revisions, indicating that Langland spent a lot of time refining his work.

To see the analysis of his poem, you may visit The Vision of Piers Plowman Study.

William Langland’s death, much like his life, remains wrapped in mystery. It is believed that he passed away around 1386. However, the specifics, including where he died or his final resting place, are not documented. This lack of information is consistent with the scant details available about his personal and professional life, leaving much of his story to the imagination and scholarly interpretation.

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