11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Listening – Speaking Sınavı

11.sınıf ingilizce dinleme sınavı ve cevap anahtarı
11.sınıf 2.dönem 1.listening sınavı

11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Listening – Speaking Sınavı 2023-2024

Lise 11.sınıf 2.dönem 1.listening ve speaking sınavı ve cevap anahtarları indirme sayfasına hoş geldiniz.

11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Listening (Dinleme) sınavı

Bu listening sınavındaki sorular; 11.sınıf Open Your Heart temasına ait “E11.6.L1. Students will be able to find out the speakers’ moods and purposes (deduction or criticism) by using the contextual clues in a recorded text or video” kazanımı için hazırlanmıştır. Bu dinleme metinde deduction & criticism için “should/could/must + have + past participle” yapıları kullanılmıştır. Bu grammar yapılarıyla ilgili sunumu Deductions konu anlatımı sayfamızda bulabilirsiniz.

  1. Answer the questions in your paper according to the audio about the team meeting in a company you will listen to now. (5X5=25P)

During our team meeting yesterday, our manager, Ms. Thompson, discussed the recent project. She said, ‘I must admit, I expected more. We must have overlooked some key details, as we’ve missed our targets again.’ Her voice was firm, showing her disappointment. Then she added, ‘However, we could have handled the situation differently. Moving forward, we should focus on solutions rather than dwelling on our mistakes.’ Her tone then shifted to a more encouraging note. John, one of the team members, responded, ‘I agree, Ms. Thompson. We could have planned better, but now we must learn from this. We’re capable of improving. Let’s collectively identify our missteps and how we can correct them.’ John’s voice was optimistic yet determined

  1. What was Ms. Thompson’s initial reaction to the project results?
  2. What did Ms. Thompson suggest the team should do moving forward?
  3. How did Ms. Thompson’s tone change during the meeting?
  4. What was John’s response to Ms. Thompson’s comments?
  5. How did John feel about the team’s ability to improve?

11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Listening sınavı cevap anahtarı:

  1. Ms. Thompson was disappointed because the team missed their targets again. She believed they must have overlooked some key details.
  2. Ms. Thompson suggested that the team should focus on finding solutions rather than dwelling on their mistakes.
  3. Ms. Thompson’s tone changed from firm to more encouraging.
  4. John agreed with Ms. Thompson and acknowledged that they could have planned better. He also emphasized the need to learn from their mistakes and improve.
  5. John was optimistic and determined about the team’s ability to improve. He suggested that they work together to identify and correct their missteps.

11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Speaking Sınavı Soruları

Bu speaking sınavındaki sorular; “E11.6.S1. Students will be able to criticize an action in the past.” kazanımı için hazırlanmıştır.

Helpful Tips temalı speaking soruları birer senaryo eklenerek hazırlanmıştır. Öğrencilerin eleştiri yapabilmeleri için önce senaryoyı dinlemeleri gerekiyor. Bu senaryoları sınavdan önce öğrencilerle paylaşmanız sınavı daha sağlıklı yapacaktır.

  1. Scenario: “Imagine your company introduced a new product last month, but the customer feedback was not positive.” Question: “Do you think the company should have conducted more market research before launching the product?”
  2. Scenario: “Think about a time when you had an important exam, but you didn’t score as well as you expected.” Question: “Could you have studied differently to improve your score?”
  3. Scenario: “Consider a situation where your friend planned a surprise party for someone, but the person found out about it beforehand.” Question: “Should your friend have been more careful to keep the party a secret?”
  4. Scenario: “You recently participated in a group project, but your team missed the deadline.” Question: “What could your team have done to manage time better?”
  5. Scenario: “Last summer, you went on a vacation but it didn’t go as well as you hoped.” Question: “Could you have chosen a better destination for your vacation?”
  6. Scenario: “Your local community started a recycling program, but not many people are participating.” Question: “Should the community have promoted the program more effectively?”
  7. Scenario: “You missed an important meeting last week because you forgot about it.” Question: “Could you have used a better method to remind yourself about the meeting?”
  8. Scenario: “Your friend bought a car recently but is not happy with it.” Question: “Should your friend have done more research before buying the car?”
  9. Scenario: “You tried a new recipe for dinner, but it didn’t turn out as expected.” Question: “Could you have followed the recipe more closely or used different ingredients?”
  10. Scenario: “Your school organized a field trip, but many students found it uninteresting.” Question: “Should the school have chosen a different location for the field trip?”

11.Sınıf 2.Dönem 1.Speaking sınavı örnek cevap anahtarı:

Bu yanıtlar; konuyla ilgili grammar ve speaking kazanımları harmanlanarak hazırlanmıştır. Speaking sınavında öğrenciler farklı yanıtlarda bulunabilirler.

  1. “Yes, the company should have conducted more market research. It would have given them better insight into customer needs and preferences.”
  2. “I could have focused more on practicing past exam papers, which might have improved my score.”
  3. “Definitely, my friend should have been more discreet. Maybe not talking about it in public places would have kept it a secret.”
  4. “Our team could have planned our tasks more efficiently. Setting earlier deadlines for each part of the project would have helped.”
  5. “Perhaps I could have chosen a destination with more activities that interest me. Researching the place more thoroughly would have been a good idea.”
  6. “The community should have used more engaging methods to promote the program, like social media campaigns or community events.”
  7. “I could have set multiple reminders on my phone or marked it on a calendar in a visible place.”
  8. “My friend should have read more reviews and maybe even test-driven a few more cars before making a decision.”
  9. “I could have followed the recipe step by step instead of making changes. Using the exact ingredients listed might have made a difference.”
  10. “The school should have surveyed the students to find out what kind of trips interest them. That way, they might have chosen a location that appealed to more students.”
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