İngilizce Email Nasıl Yazılır? Formal & informal emails örnekleri

writing email in english
Formal and informal emails in english

İngilizce Email Nasıl Yazılır?

Writing an email, no matter professional or friendly is a critical skill in both college and business life. Especially, if you are an international student or in an overseas job, writing an email may be a part of your daily routine.  I will try to guide you through this lesson to write formal and informal emails in English.

About formal and informal Emails

Formal Emails are addressed to
Organizations, colleagues, professors, companies, banks, schools, job applications, etc.
Formal Emails must
They must be written professionally
They must have accurate grammar and punctuation
Informal Emails are addressed to
Friends, family members… etc
Informal Emails must
They may be written in a friendly context
No obligation for grammar and punctuation
Text abbreviations can be used

Despite all the differences, both email types have some similar structures in common.

Email Structure

  • Greetings: This is where you greet the recipient(s)
  • Body: This is the main paragraph of your email. The language you use here may change according to the message you want to send.

There are 3 important parts in the body.

  1. Introduction: This is a polite starter before you talk about the reason.
  2. Development: This is the part where you start to show clearly the reason for what you are writing about.
  3. Final statement:  The body usually finishes with a final request, invitation .. etc sentence at the end.
  • Closing: It is a way of showing courtesy that indicates the end of the email.

1. Greetings in Emails

We can’t use the same greeting statements in both formal and informal emails.

Formal Greetings in Emails
To whom it may concern, is addressed to someone whose name you don’t know
To (Name), It is more formal than using Dear [Name].
Dear (first name)
Dear Mr./Ms (Name)
Dear Sir or Madam

Sometimes, you may have more than one recipient. In this scenario, you can use the email starters given below.

Greetings to Multiple People in Emails
Hello everyone
Hi [first name 1], [first name 2] and [first name 3],

We haven’t forgotten our friends. These are the greeting examples for informal emails.

İngilizce Email Nasıl Yazılır?

Informal Greetings in Emails
Dear [first name],
[First name],
Good morning/afternoon/evening (name),

Elements in an Email

Elements in Email
Element in Email

2. Body in Emails:

A.  Introduction of the body in Emails

This is the first sentence of your body in the email. After “Greeting”, you can write the body of your email. Before stating a reason or asking any question, you’d better use these polite starters at the beginning of your body. Pay attention please, some examples indicate a response to another email previously received.

  • I hope this email finds you well.
  • I hope all is well with you.
  • Thank you for your prompt response.
  • I hope your week has been great so far.
  • I hope you are having a pleasant day.
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening.
  • I hope your week started well.
  • Thank you for the timely response.
  • Thank you for getting in touch with…
  • Allow me to introduce myself briefly.
  • It’s great to hear from you.
  • I hope you had a nice weekend.

B. Development of the body in Emails

After you used a polite starter, now it’s time to mention the reason you wrote about. This is the main paragraph of your email. Mostly one paragraph is enough for an email. To learn more about writing a strong paragraph you can read our article, how to write a paragraph?

  • I’m reaching out to you because…
  • I am extending a hand for partnership…
  • I am pleased to inform you that you have won our grand prize
  • I am writing to you in relation to…
  • I’m emailing you to…
  • I’m writing to inform you…

C. Final statement of the body in Emails

This is the last part of your body in the email. After all, you wrote, you should provide a “thank you” or “call to action” statement at the end of the body. If your email consists of more than one paragraph, use that at the end of your last paragraph.

  • Thank you for your assistance with…
  • Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.
  • Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.
  • I would appreciate it if this could be taken care of promptly
  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
  • Thank you for your consideration, and I hope that you will approve my request.

3. Closing in Emails (Sign-off words)

Another key point is to choose the right sign-off in email closing. The sender’s relationship with the recipient shapes the format in Sign Offs. They are followed by the sender’s full name and a professional signature or contact info as follows;

Julia Corlett
Senior English Teacher

İngilizce email nasıl yazılır?

Formal Sign Offs Informal Sign Offs
Regards, Cheers,
Best Regards, Best,
Sincerely, All the best,
Best wishes, Take care
Yours sincerely, Love
Respectfully, Talk soon
With best wishes, Thanks

Formal email örneği:

Subject: Application for Marketing Assistant Position

Dear Hiring Manager,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I am writing to apply for the Marketing Assistant position at [Company Name], as advertised on your website.

With a background in marketing and a keen interest in digital media, I believe I am a strong candidate for this role. In my previous job at [Previous Company], I successfully managed several social media campaigns and contributed to the development of marketing strategies that increased brand awareness and customer engagement.

I am particularly drawn to [Company Name] because of your commitment to innovative marketing techniques and your impressive portfolio of clients. I am excited about the opportunity to bring my creativity and digital marketing skills to your team.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I am looking forward to the possibility of discussing my application with you further.

Thank you for considering my application. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

İnformal Email örneği:

Subject: Our Amazing Holiday!

Hey [Friend’s Name],

Hope you’re doing great! Just wanted to share some awesome news. We’re finally planning that beach holiday we talked about. It’s happening next month!

We’re thinking of going to [Beach Destination]. It’s got beautiful beaches, great food, and lots of fun activities. How does that sound to you?

We need to start planning ASAP, so let me know your thoughts. Can’t wait to spend some quality time chilling by the sea and catching up.

Let’s chat soon to work out the details.

Take care,

[Your Name]

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